Please correct me if I am wrong: Each student creates an account on the home page, then receives his/her password via email. From there they can begin to work on cases?

You got it – for the most part. We have found that if you direct students to create their own account, then you can ensure that they know how to get to the site and how to navigate the DDL. When a student account is created you should instruct students to use their school email address and make sure to connect with the district and school (from the district/school drop downs). Their temporary password is displayed on the screen and emailed to them. We also like to see students change their password from the main screen after logging in to something they can remember, but one that no one else knows (general password guidance). Once a student connects with the school and district, when creating their account, admins can see all of that work and run reports to gauge completion, etc.

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