What are people using the Digital Driver\’s License (DDL) for?

Classroom teachers, as well as, school and district leaders are implementing the DDL for many reasons. #1 to have a structure way to present information and teach a specific digital citizenship skill set (+ Internet Safety and online behavior). Beyond the \”it\’s just the right thing\” reason, We see 3 main approaches using the DDL as an incentive program: 1) have students get their DDL before the school/district hands them a device – in a 1:1 ratio initiative 2) have students get their DDL before the school or district permits a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) initiative… and/or… 3) promote greater buckets of access to less filtered content (i.e. social networking & social media sites) – as soon as students get their DDL, bump them up to more access – b/c they\’ve proven they get it through a performance event.

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