I am afraid that students will skip the instructional content and only attempt the Prove-Its! repeatedly until they pass? Can this be prevented or monitored?

That can be monitored by running reports on the Practice-It! assessments. If you desire users to pass the practice assessments, you\’ll just want to make suer they are doing that (reports will tell you that). Just like assigning a book to read, there is no way to guarantee that every word in the book was read. Engage in the conversation and you will have a clue. A core concept turbo charging the DDL, is that if someone truly GETS a concept than they should have an opportunity to Prove-It! as soon as they think they can. Which is why we allow as many attempts as needed. If you run a report and see an abnormal number of attempts from a user (we call that: GAMING attempts) – then you should do something about that (talk with the user, etc.). The tools are there, for you to see any activity you need. The same applies for the Open Response questions in any of the assessments. Open Response questions are NOT automatically graded, and if the responses from users are not reviewed, the message sent/received is that it doesn\’t matter. So, you\’ll want to review the Open Response answers.

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